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Learn the International West Coast Swing 2022 Rally / Flashmob in Washington, DC!

DC represents again in the International WCS Rally / Flashmob!

Watch this video to see highlights of Flashmobs from previous years:

We will learn the choreography together and then perform it in Washington, DC, on Saturday, September 3!

Starting Sunday, July 24, Mané and Roger will be teaching weekly lessons for the 2022 West Coast Swing Rally / Flashmob!

We’ll teach a total of five lessons, Sundays, 12-1:30 pm, at Dave and Casey's studio. The dates are July 24 and 31, and August 7, 21, and 28.

The cost will be $85 per person for all five lessons, or $20 per single class. Advance registration is required for all--see below.

Payment is by electronic means (preferred) via PayPal (, or Venmo (@Roger-Plaut), or Zelle (; or by cash or check at the door. If you pay by cash, please bring the exact payment amount.

If the cost is a hardship for you, please let us know, and we'll work something out.

Please note: VACCINATION and a BOOSTER (two weeks past final dose) and MASKS will be REQUIRED for these classes.

In addition, we will be minimizing rotation during the classes. Our preference would be for everyone to partner up in advance, but we recognize the difficulty of doing so. Our goal will be for each person in attendance at the lessons to dance with only one or two partners.

If you are interested, you MUST email the following to us at

(1) evidence of vaccination and boosting, with your name and the dates clearly shown. Please feel free to redact personal information (such as your date of birth) if you so choose.

(2) your email address; and

(3) your phone number, for contact tracing purposes.

Please email the above information to us at Please provide this information AT LEAST TWO HOURS PRIOR to the first class you intend to attend (10 am Sunday). After you have provided the information once, you will not need to provide it again to attend additional classes.

If you have any questions, please email us at or send a Facebook message.

Please tell your friends to join us!

Please look for Facebook events as reminders, and please tell your friends to join us! 😊

A permit application has been submitted for us to use the Jefferson Memorial Plaza to dance the Flashmob.

A decision regarding masks will be made closer to the date.

We plan to dance the choreography 3 or 4 times, with breaks in between to discuss and reset. Here's the tentative schedule:

12:45 pm: Arrive 1:00 pm: Discuss 1:15 pm: Dance #1 1:30 pm: Discuss 1:45 pm: Dance #2 2:00 pm: Discuss 2:15 pm: Dance #3 2:30 pm: Discuss 2:45 pm: Dance #4 2:50 pm: Photos and clean up


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