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Mané and Roger Dancing "At Last!"

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mané & roger

Jumping Dancer


Roger’s ballet classes are consistently awesome.  He explains each exercise clearly and concisely, and covers the full breadth of a typical ballet class and then some.  The pace of Roger’s class is pretty fast, which allows him to cover a lot of material and teach something new every class.  At the same time, Roger emphasizes proper technique and correct positions/placements, so he’d often have us repeat combinations to really soak in the corrections.   Roger’s corrections are always helpful, frequently quirky funny, and sometimes downright scientific.  Roger has a quiet way of growing on you, so that by the end of each class, you are physically tired but mentally elated and can't wait to do it again.


Mané is just lovable on every level.   She has a warm and bubbly personality that makes all her students fall in love with her.  She has the most intuitive eye that spots exactly what you are doing wrong.  Her port de bras are simply beautiful and you just want to copy whatever she does.  There’s so much to learn from her in every class on a technical level as well as artistically and expressively.  Taking class with Mané is like getting a dose of joy every week, because she effuses her love of dance and of life in every fiber.

Modern Ballet Dancers


The ballet classes are a breath of fresh air. With a unique, musical style that sets them apart, I find their classes challenging, strengthening and fun!



Yoga by the Sea


As a 70 year old with balance and coordination deficits stemming from an old injury, I'm amazed at how much I've gained by taking Mane's floor barre class for the past year. Every week I come away feeling stronger, refreshed and more at ease within my own body. Mane's devotion to the floor barre curriculum, her caring and encouraging feedback to individual students, and her injection of humor throughout class add up to a special mix of fun and wellness. 

Dancers Feet


I am so grateful to have worked with Mané and Roger. After surgery to reconstruct my ACL and repair my meniscus I did not know if I would be able to dance professionally again. With their incredibly meticulous and caring help I was able to rejoin my ballet company. They helped push me to gain back my strength and instilled in me confidence with their positivity and support. They taught me to always reach out further and to not just execute the steps but actually dance them.

Dancing in Water


I've taken ballet class with both Mané and Roger and have learned so much from them both.  They both have a very clear, concise barre and I always feel like I am able to find the correct alignment and recruit the right muscles.   In the center, the combinations are flowing and challenging.  I've taken their classes over many years, and I find that they continue to be creative in their class choreography, while being extremely consistent in giving individual corrections and encouraging good technique.  They each are very generous, kind teachers and as a freelance, professional dancer, they have also provided me with valuable information on not just fundamental technique, but also artistry and dynamic in movement.  I'd highly recommend both Roger and Mané to any level of student looking to learn and grow as a dance artist. 


Catherine Roth, freelance professional dancer and Managing Director, Agora Dance


Modern Ballet


Dear Mané,

Thanks for all that you have given me this year. I have truly loved ballet with you this year: you are the most positive, supportive ballet teacher I have ever had. A thousand thanks and best wishes for a lovely summer.

Leaping Dancer


The class focuses on correct alignment and placement which is very important in ballet class. Both teachers correct everyone no matter your level and age. The class environment is over warm and welcoming! :) We get great visual, audio, and verbal cues during class so you can work on proper ballet technique.

Male Ballet Dancer


Mané, thank you so much for everything you have taught me. I feel like I am on my way to becoming a dancer who not only has technique but also enjoys ballet! I love you.

Ballet Lesson



thanks so much for being such a cool ballet teacher! you have taught me so much! You are a beautiful person. You made ballet fun for me again!

Ballet Dancers


Mane- a superb ballet instructor.   Her profound knowledge, expertise, and training in ballet is reflected in her classes as well as her dedication to teaching.  Mane challenges you while encouraging and helping you to reach your potential. The adult students welcome her positive criticism and energy.  She is always sensitive to the needs of all dancers of all levels while teaching with the utmost respect.    Students welcome her warmth, kindness, and humor.   It is no wonder that so many gravitate to her classes!

Yoga Mats


Dear Mane,

Thank you so much for offering the floor barre class. You are the best teacher I have ever had, not only because you are patient, you pay attention to us, also you made the class so interesting. Even though it’s only a once-a-week class, I found my muscles become stronger, I stand straighter, and I hardly have backache ever since I took this class. Lying on the floor exercising also gives the meditation effect.  I always feel so good after the class, that’s why I last so long, and won’t want to miss class if it’s all possible. Thank you!




Ms. Mané,

I would just like to thank you for all you have done for me this past year.  You have given me a great love for ballet which I shall cherish forever.


Without your help I don't I think I could have come nearly as far as I did this year.

I would also like to wish you luck with whatever you plan to do or go. I hope all of your dreams come true and you find happiness in them!


I hope you don't forget me, as I could never forget you or the knowledge you have given me. Thank you again!





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