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Yumiko and Frank

Yumiko and Frank

We had a wonderful experience working on our first dance for our wedding with Mané and Roger! We sent them the song we had picked out ahead of our first session, and they worked out a couple options of what we could do, which was perfect for two novices like us. We got right to work - having both Mané and Roger there to guide us through was amazing, especially because we could see what it should have actually looked like. They were patient, fun, and really put us at ease. After just a few sessions and their great feedback, we were ready to go. Their home studio was the perfect size, and the price is simply unbeatable (especially given that you the expertise of TWO former professional dancers). We couldn't recommend Roger and Mané enough!

Wedding Couple


We worked with Roger and Mané to prepare for our first dance, and it was a delight. We came to them after working with an instructor whose style was not a great fit, and they adapted our dance and their teaching style to our needs and skill level. They were always fun, flexible and pleasant to work with, and we were very well-prepared for our first dance. It was a joy to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone!

White Wedding Cake


Roger and Mane showed up to save the day–three days before the wedding, they magically appeared in our lives, helped us prepare, and were such lovely people. They even sent us a video of our dance so that we could practice. If only we had practiced…:)


Maggie and Josh

We went to Roger and Mané to help us choreograph our first dance. We had so much fun taking lessons from from them–what an awesome couple! Neither one of us had previous dance experience but managed to wow everyone with our fox trot style dance. I could go on and on but honestly there can’t be any better instructors in town. Also, having a couple to teach us was really valuable as we could watch them and switch partners if needed.


Katherine and Luke

Roger and Mané were so kind to teach us to dance to our favorite song for our wedding day. We really enjoyed the lessons (three of them) and appreciated their patience and enthusiasm when we “got it.” The lessons really helped our confidence on the wedding day! Roger and Mané were flexible and happy to meet us in the evenings after working hours. They encouraged us to make the dance our own and just “keep going” if we missed a step. The guests probably didn’t notice any missteps however, because we were told over and over how lovely it was.

Thank you, Roger and Mané!


Alison and Tim

Roger and Mané are amazing dancers and a real pleasure to work with. They were able to accommodate our somewhat last minute request for dance lessons and were even able to sneak in a dance lesson with one of our parents two days before the wedding! We really enjoyed having both a male and female instructor so they could each teach us from firsthand experience how to properly hold, step, and dance together! We HIGHLY recommend Roger and Mané for those looking for a relaxed yet productive environment in which to learn how to dance!

We Do


Mané and Roger gave us a wonderful dance lesson for our wedding! Within only one or 1.5 hours, we mastered a basic dance, even though we had no experience at all! And it was so much fun. We thank Mané and Roger so much!!!

Wedding Bouquet


Roger and Mane helped us perfect our wedding dance. We needed some lessons at the last minute. They made time to work with us and were flexible about meeting times. They were a complete pleasure to work with, and both are excellent teachers. My husband who initially was not very excited about learning a dance said that they made the experience fun. They really listened to what we were looking for and delivered. They worked with us to choreograph a fun, polished wedding dance, and we are very grateful.

Wishes for the Newlyweds


My father and I worked with Roger and Mané for our father-daughter dance at my wedding this past December. They both did a wonderful job working with us. Neither my father and I are “good” dancers by any means and they took the time to create a routine we both felt confident with. They did a great job teaching us the individual steps, and helped us go over everything until we were well prepared. They even recommended a site to buy some products to help me make my wedding shoes more comfortable to dance in.

I would highly recommend both of them and their services. They are very talented and wonderful instructors!

Bridal Bouquet


Roger and Mané provided dance lessons for our wedding. We could not have been happier with them. Because they come as a team, we had the benefit of two instructors who could provide individualized instruction to the bride and groom simultaneously. It was quite a bargain to have both of them for the very reasonable rate that they charged.

More importantly, they came up with cool custom choreography for our hand-picked song. They incorporated several dance styles, and they provided excellent instruction. Roger and Mané were very flexible and responsive in setting up our scheduled lessons, and they were a pleasure to work with.

Married Dancing Couple

Rocco & Laurie

We just returned from our son’s wedding, where we shocked and delighted our son and daughter-in-law by doing the first wedding dance with confidence and skill, all thanks to Roger and Mané. We highly recommend working with them to take away all the stress and anxiety about dancing in front of family and friends. They also taught us swing and pop dancing so we could happily dance the night away.

Wedding Potpourri

Brant and Katherine

We had a great experience with Roger and Mane preparing for our first dance at our wedding. Neither one of us had any formal dance training, but in just three private lessons, they not only taught us basic dance techniques, but choreographed a whole routine for us. Frankly, our goal was to just get through our first dance without embarrassing ourselves, but in the end we ended up wowing our guests. Roger and Mane are exceptional teachers, and their enthusiasm and patience gave us the confidence and skills we needed.

Tropical Wedding

Dan and Nikki

Roger and Mané are incredible teachers! I surprised my wife with lessons prior to our wedding, and we were delighted with the results! Roger and Mané are caring, engaging, and energetic! We felt like they listened to our input, concerns, and questions, and they responded with constructive feedback. We did the lessons in the comfort of our own home, and they were very accommodating with scheduling. We walked away feeling excited about our first dance, and they took the stress away. If you’re looking for results and a team that really cares about you, call Roger and Mané!!

Bridesmaids Dresses

Tommy and Liz

Roger and Mané helped us prepare for our “first-dance” at our wedding! We didn’t have much time, but they customized our lessons just for us: we brought them “our song,” and they taught us some basics, and then a set of moves that we could use to look like professionals. They made everything so easy to understand, and having a couple to watch made learning quick, easy, and fun! In the end our dance at the wedding reception was completely stress-free! And we couldn’t have done it without Roger and Mané. We will definitely be recommending our friends and family to them in the future!

Bride and Groom on Beach

Nate & Jillian

Roger and Mané were a joy to work with – and this is coming from one non-dancer. They worked patiently with us, and did a wonderful job getting to know us and helping us craft a dance around our chosen music.

Wedding Dress


Roger and Mané were excellent instructors for our wedding dance. They took time to teach us the moves in just four short weeks, starting from the most basic steps to fusing rumba and chacha. Their rates were reasonable, too. They came up with the dance repetoire for us and taught each segment of the dance at a pace that was feasible, and filmed their choreagraphy at the end of each session to help us improve. They were patient, encouraging, and meticulous. We had a fantastic first dance; our relatives still talk about it! We highly recommend Roger and Mané.

Waiter with Champagne Flutes

Jason and Melinda

After seeing our friend’s first dance, we asked them for a recommendation and they told us they worked with Roger and Mané. With our wedding coming up, it was exactly the thing we needed, given that neither of us are dancers.

Roger and Mané were excellent — it was easy to find convenient times and locations for lessons and their instruction took us from complete novices to confident dancers in just a few weeks. They’re kind, clear, and straightforward, and they really helped us get together a first dance that was comfortable for both of us and impressive to our guests. Highly recommended!

Restaurant Party Celebration


Roger and Mane were spectacular dance instructors for me, my (now) husband (!), and my parents in the month before our wedding. Over the course of a few lessons, they taught us basic single swing and Charleston dance steps, offered input into the song selection for our first dance, and found a version of our song at the appropriate tempo (no easy feat!). They came to our apartment (what could be easier?!?) and brought expertise, patience, and tremendous positive energy to the lessons. We enjoyed spending time with them as much as their guidance. We give them our highest recommendation!

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Jack and Mary

We had a little experience in ballroom dancing but wanted to make sure that we weren’t stepping on each others toes during the First Dance. With a false sense of security, we got started with Roger and Mane a bit too close to the final event. Regardless of the time crunch, they were very warm and relaxed and you would have thought that we had months until the wedding. Using videos and patiently helping us pick out our first song, they brought us to prime time in no time. Their zeal and artistry are spellbinding and I can honestly say that I was surprised when each session came to an end. I think we made them proud fox-trotting in our First Dance and the resulting “ooohs” and “aaahs” were spontaneous. If you are planning a wedding, put them on your checklist right after “securing the venue” and “find a caterer."

Mané and Roger's Wedding

Samantha & Patrick 

Mané & Roger were life savers. My (now) husband and I waited til the absolute last minute to get dance lessons for our first dance. We reached out to them and they fit us into their very busy schedules to teach us a choreographed dance in just two one-hour lessons. They were absolutely wonderful and so much fun as well. My husband and I had the best time during our lessons and only wished we taken more prior to our big day. Thank you both very much, we will cherish those memories forever.

Floral Cake


Roger and Mané are great dancers and wonderful teachers. My husband and I were nervous about our 1st dance, but Roger and Mané made it fun. What makes them so unique – They listened to our first dance song, learned our dancing strengths, and choreographed our first dance to bring out our best dance as a couple. They taught us the fundamentals of waltz, how to use the whole dance floor, and then gave us some flourishes throughout the song to “wow” the crowd. Roger and Mané can tailor their teaching to all levels, but made 2 novices like us look like experts!

Civil Partnership


We were referred to Roger and Mané by a friend who had enjoyed working with them. We couldn’t agree more! They were able to work with a couple with zero dance experience between us, and give us a few killer moves to impress our wedding guests. Of course, it was clear that if we had a little more under our belts, they would have been able to meet us where we were.

We enjoyed our session a great deal, with more than a few laughs along the way. Thanks to you both!

Blue Wedding Shoes


Mané and Roger are the best! Not only did they coordinate a beautiful dance to our wedding song, they also taught us everything we needed to know to make it look perfect and fun! It was a great experience!

Just Married


My wife is a dancer, she dances, a lot. I have absolutely no rhythm and dancing frightened me. I also had not had a single dancing lesson since I was a young kid. Before our wedding, we decided to get private two-on-two lessons with Roger and Mané. it was fantastic. It was easy to schedule and the lessons went well. They were so easy to work with and were great teachers. They turned something I hated doing and really didn't want to go into something that was enjoyable—to be honest, the sessions went super fast. Thankfully, I remembered all my learning and our first dance on our wedding day went splendidly. There is simply no way we would have had a decent dance without Roger and Mané. We are incredibly grateful to their help — and if you’re looking for dance help, you can, absolutely, do no better.

Photo Booth Van


Roger and Mané were excellent dance teachers. We came to them at the last moment in a panic to prepare for our son’s wedding. They not only reassured us but also took us from being novices to being confident enough to do the Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances at really short notice. And we have great pictures to prove this! We highly recommend them for all of your dancing needs.

The Wedding Aisle


My fiance and I took lessons with Roger and Mané in preparation for our wedding and we could not be happier with how it turned out. We had no formal dance experience prior to meeting with Roger and Mané, and they were not only knowledgeable; they were super patient with us and helped us craft a dance that reflected our style and personality as a couple. They “got us,” which was candidly a concern of ours before we started the lessons. Roger and Mané were really great and I could not recommend them more!

Wedding Bouquet


Mané and Roger were FANTASTIC dance teachers!!!! Please take it from the ultimate klutzy non-dancer (me). We had only one lesson before our wedding and it took us from complete panic mode to having a wonderful dance routine for the spotlight. Not only are they incredible dancers and dance teachers, they made us feel completely comfortable learning the moves under completely tight time constraints and even taught us what to do if you have a setback on the floor (which saved me!!!). Not to mention they are both absolutely wonderful people!!!!

I would highly recommend their dance lessons!!!!!

Lover's Kiss


We had taken some group dance lessons before, but we were still anxious about our first dance. Roger and Mané were the answer to our prayers, they were patient and engaging instructors. They worked with us to make the most of our dance. We felt so confident with their help that we even added some great finishing touches to the dance. It was great having both a male and female instructor so that we could both get individualized help when needed. They made a stressful part of our wedding fun for us, but the real payoff was hearing the wedding guests react to our first dance! Roger and Mané also helped our families prepare for Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances, we highly recommend them for all of your dancing needs. Don’t get married without Roger and Mané!

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