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Ballet and Human Connection!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Life is different these days... There is a kind of sadness in the world, with the spreading of this illness. So much uncertainty and fear surround humankind.

We have all had to change our daily lives, our routines, the way we interact with others, and we have had to find ways to cope with these changes.

Artists are often left behind during a crisis. How sad this is, because a world without art is an empty one. Art can transport people to another world, one of beauty and inspiration, and art can, for a moment in time, make people forget about their problems.

So, Roger and I, as artists and dance teachers, decided to start teaching our ballet classes from our home. We set up a dance floor, a ballet barre, lights, a tripod, and a video camera in our basement, and we went to work!

Our classes are going well, and we are very thankful to be able to connect with our students. It is so fulfilling to be able to continue to teach them, and it is wonderful to be able to help them smile and dance, as if there are no worries in the world!

Last week we were interviewed remotely for the online dance website Made to Move, to talk about how we are teaching ballet virtually. We had such a fun and pleasant conversation with Mary McGinn!

The article is now published on the site, and we are excited to be able to share it with you! Here is the link:

We will continue to teach our online classes as long as the "stay at home" orders are in place. We are so glad to share a little bit of human connection and ballet with our students.

We know that someday soon we will feel free again, and we will look back on this time and realize how much we have learned and how resilient we have all become.

Life will go on and so will we. So, let's be patient with ourselves and try to find something that can bring some happiness to our lives, even if only for a moment in time. Perhaps you would like to join us, virtually, for some ballet classes and some human connection...? :)

Click the photo below to see a cute video!

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