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A Dance-y Weekend

It was a busy weekend full of dance, as usual for us!

Friday, we had a great turnout (no pun intended) for our lesson at Hollywood Ballroom. Afterward, several students came to us to ask questions and give us feedback. We also saw several people working on "coloring" their social dancing! We had a great time teaching, and then, of course, dancing to Margie and Kelli's tunes. Thanks for having us back to teach, Dave!

Such a great group of students in our class at HB!

On Saturday, we were so happy to have the opportunity to participate in Robert Royston's Intensive at Rendezvous, which was organized by Dawn Garrish--thank you Dawn for bringing Robert to the DC WCS community! Robert is THE expert when it comes to West Coast Swing technique, and we always learn so much from him in his workshops. He is also a very warm, honest, and kind person. After the intensive, we had a fantastic private lesson with him. Thank you very much, Robert--we love you!

The lucky dancers in Robert Royston's intensive.

Caroline and Brian, our most recent wedding couple. Congratulations!

Saturday was also the big day for our most recent wedding couple, Caroline and Brian! We can't wait to see photos (and hopefully, video) of their first dance.

On Sunday, we taught a few WCS private lessons, and afterward, we had a wonderful time with our last couple, sharing appetizers and drinks. We love when our dance students are also our dear friends! :)

We'll be teaching at HB again this Friday--stay tuned for a description of the class.

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