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Tonight, Sept. 3, WCS at Hollywood Ballroom! Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021 WCS International Flashmob!

Tonight, Friday, September 3, 8:15 pm, we are teaching West Coast Swing at Hollywood Ballroom! This Saturday, September 4, 12:45 pm, 2021 WCS International Flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial! Join us!

Check out our promo video:

Information about tonight's West Coast Swing at Hollywood Ballroom:

Please visit Dance Jam Productions. Bring a newbie for the beginner class series with Casey and Dave--first class of the beginner series is tonight!

Information about the 2021 WCS International Flashmob:

1) Tonight, please come to Dave and Casey's dance at Hollywood Ballroom if you can! At 10 pm, we'll hold a practice in the back room. We'll decide on the formation and run through the choreography a few times. Then, at about 10:15 or so, we'll do a run in the main ballroom for everyone! Participating tonight is not required, but please do try to come if you can. Information about the dance is here:

2) Tomorrow, we need a few people to take video. If you are not dancing and are willing to do so, please let us know. If you have a friend or family member who will be attending and can take video, that works, too. Cell phone video is of sufficient quality for this purpose.

3) We've had some questions about parking. If you enter "Jefferson Memorial" into your GPS, you should see the signage for parking--it's pretty clear. Parking Area A, which is the closest to the memorial, might be full, but Areas B and C are only a few steps away, and there should be plenty of spaces. The cost is $2.30/hour, using a credit card or the ParkMobile app. The walk from the parking areas to the memorial takes about 10-15 minutes. The weather is expected to be great!

4) We will be dancing on a concrete surface. Bring street shoes or old dance shoes that you are comfortable dancing in—do not bring your good-quality dance shoes as the soles will be damaged. You might want to bring packing tape or duct tape to wrap around the ball area of your shoes.

5) Please wear a royal blue top and blue jeans/shorts/blue skirt if you can.

6) Please bring a mask. We'll have some blue ones you can wear, either alone or on top of your own mask.

7) After we finish dancing tomorrow, don't rush to leave--we'll want to take a group photo!

Please visit: Washington DC International Rally West Coast Swing 2021 Flashmob for additional information. Comment below or contact us if you have any questions!


Flashmob video excerpts from the last six years!

Let's Dance!


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