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Our Online Ballet Barre classes continue!

We’re teaching a Low Intermediate ballet barre class every Tuesday and Friday, 7-8 pm, at a cost of $10 per class. The next class will be this coming Tuesday, March 24.

You have the option of paying $10 per class or buying packs of 4 classes for $35 per pack.

We'll leave each of the videos online until one hour before the next class starts, so that you can participate at a time that's convenient for you. There will be two options for streaming: Facebook Live and YouTube Live. We're creating a separate Facebook event for each class, so that we can more easily grant access to the videos.

All you need to join is ballet shoes or socks, something to hold onto (a chair or your kitchen counter should work), and enough room to move your legs and arms around.

To sign up, send payment to us via PayPal ( or Venmo (@Roger-Plaut). If using PayPal, please choose the "friends and family" option to avoid extra fees. IMPORTANT: Please include a note with the date or dates of the classes you want to join, so that we can invite you to the correct private Facebook event pages. If you forget to do this, please send us a private message with the date(s).

Here are the dates, $10 each or $35 for a 4-pack. Classes are 7-8 pm Eastern. Tuesday, March 24 Friday, March 27 Tuesday, March 31 Friday, April 3 Tuesday, April 7 Friday, April 10 Tuesday, April 14 Friday, April 17

We're so happy to be able to offer these classes to you! Please feel free to tell your friends about them, both on and off Facebook. We cannot thank you enough for your support!

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.”

Oprah Winfrey

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