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New, starting this Saturday: Online Stretch class with Mané and Roger!

We’re teaching a stretch class every Saturday, 3-4 pm Eastern.

This class is the perfect complement to strengthening and aerobic exercises. Based on yoga and physical therapy exercises, the stretches develop flexibility and correct alignment. By breathing deeply while holding the positions, you can improve your posture, reduce muscle soreness, enhance blood circulation, and relieve stress.

Because you can modify the exercises as needed, it's appropriate for everyone!

You have the option of paying $10 per class or $45 for all five May classes.

We'll leave each of the videos online until one hour before the next class starts, so that you can participate at a time that's convenient for you. There will be two options for streaming: Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

We're creating a separate Facebook event for each class, so that we can more easily grant access to the videos.

All you need to join is a floor mat or towel, comfortable clothing, and socks. Optional accessories could include a belt, necktie, Theraband, or yoga ring; cushions or foam blocks; and a stool or a chair if needed for stability.

To sign up, send payment to us via PayPal ( or Venmo (@Roger-Plaut). If using PayPal, please choose the "friends and family" option to avoid extra fees. IMPORTANT: Please include a note with the date or dates of the classes you want to join, so that we can invite you to the correct private Facebook event pages. If you forget to do this, please send us a private message with the date(s).

Here are the dates, $10 each or $45 for all five May classes. Classes are 3-4 pm Eastern.

Saturday, May 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30

We're so happy to be able to offer these classes to you! Please feel free to tell your friends about them, both on and off Facebook. We cannot thank you enough for your support!

"If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will find that every movement you make becomes easier." --Bob Anderson

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