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Important information about our virtual ballet and stretch classes!

Dear students, every start has an ending...
After two years of teaching virtually, we have decided it is time to stop teaching our online classes.

Last Thursday was our last online class, at least for a while. With many of you taking in-person classes, we just haven't had enough students to make our virtual classes viable.

It has been quite a journey throughout the pandemic. You have help us by supporting us every week, and we have had a blast teaching and seeing you virtually. Thank you so much for your support over the past two years—you made all the difference in our lives, both emotionally and financially. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. <3

We have many recorded classes you can purchase from us: regular ballet classes, themed ballet classes, and stretch classes. Please click here to see the list. Just contact us to purchase them!

So, we go on to our next journey! Roger is teaching in-person ballet at both Maryland Youth Ballet, and The Washington School of Ballet—visit this link for more information. There is also the option to attend the Maryland Youth Ballet class virtually.

Mané is taking a break from teaching in person and is dedicating her time to her Interior Design business and her blog. Visit MRP Design Studio and Designing a Good Life... for more information, and don't forget to subscribe to her blog!

Thank you, dear students and friends, and never stop dancing!!!

Much love from Mané, Roger, Tabitha, and Shadow


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Let's Dance!


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