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End the Week Learning WCS with M & R at Hollywood Ballroom, and See dcRolePlay's New Routine!

Last Friday, we loved working with everyone in the intermediate class at Hollywood Ballroom! This was the third of five Fridays in a row that we're teaching at HB, and we worked on hustle whips and moves that flow easily from them. Great work, everyone! Afterward, we had a blast social dancing to Margie and John's fantastic music. Thanks, again for having us, Dave!

On Saturday, Roger taught his ongoing Intermediate/Advanced Adult Ballet class at the Washington School of Ballet (see our Ballet, Floor Barre, and Stretch page for info on the class). Later in the day, dcRolePlay had a great three-hour intensive practice for this season's routine. It has come so far since we first started working on it in January! More on that a little further down...

Lara Deni's Followers' Styling Workshop

Meanwhile, Mané attended Lara Deni's Followers' Styling Workshop at Lara's home studio. It was a wonderful workshop. Thank you, Lara! Looking forward to Part 2!

On Sunday, we had dim sum with some dance friends, taught a few private lessons in our home studio, and then had a few hours of much-needed down time together.

This week has been full of working, dancing, and teaching--as usual for us. :) We are very happy to once again end the work week by teaching at Hollywood Ballroom! This week's intermediate workshop is called "Adding flavor to Your basics." This Friday's DJs for the social dance are Dave and Curt--see this link for the logistical details.


dcRolePlay's 10th Anniversary Season!

Be sure to stick around at HB at least until 10 pm to see a special preview performance of dcRolePlay's new routine, choreographed by Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin, and coached by Roger with the assistance of Darin Galyer! The team is very excited to share this special dcRolePlay 10-year anniversary routine with the DC WCS community before heading to Seattle later this month for the International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs' annual Hoedown. It's an event that dcRolePlay attends every year, as part of the team's mission to help spread the joy of WCS to the LGBTQ community and encourage everyone to dance the role they choose. Come cheer the team on! :)

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