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Ballet with the Beatles!!!

With a Little Help from My (dance) Friends:

This coming Tuesday, July 28, we'll be teaching Ballet with the Beatles!

We'll use original versions of Beatles songs for our Intermediate Ballet Class, 7-8 pm Eastern time. You can also use the recorded version at a time that's convenient for you. :)

I've Got a Feeling that if you could Come Together and Get Back to class, it would really Please Please Me. Please spread The Word. :)

I'm Happy Just to Dance With You, but you can also join as a spectator if you want. It would really HELP us out. Don't Let Me Down!

Just send us a message if you want to join us!

Hello, Goodbye! -- Mané & Roger

P.S. I Love You. :)

P.P.S.: Yes, it's possible that Facebook might block the music, but we'll also be recording the Zoom class, so we'll figure out a way to make it work. :)

The Beatles photographed by Fiona Adams in April 1963

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